Scorscese’s second Shutter Island trailer

“It’s as if she evaporated…straight through the walls”

This looks absolutely fantastic, and I guess this trailer is a decent replacement for the fact that we should all be seeing this movie around right now! It got pushed back to February for reasons that I’m sure make sense for someone down the line, but for the rest of us not in the industry this is a damn shame. Oh well, this trailer should help to hold everyone over until February 10. Although I’m sure this would be an Oscar contender if released this year, at least we’ll have a potentially great movie to check out in the usual dry spell that occurs right after awards season.

I haven’t read the book, but the cast is fantastic and it looks like Scorsese is in top form here (as usual). He has been pretty over the top this decade, and to wonderful results. I’m not sure if it’s his paring with DiCaprio that brings out his eccentric side but whatever it is nobody seems to be complaining. Now I hope that whatever Marty has lined up next includes DiCaprio and DeNiro, a pairing that was rumored to come to fruition for Gangs of New York with Bobby DeNiro as Bill the Butcher, but in hindsight it’s pretty hard to imagine anyone filling Daniel Day Lewis’ shoes for that role.


~ by rozco on October 5, 2009.

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