Rozco is an aspiring screenwriter and director, who uses this blog to voice his opinion on whatever interests him in movies and music. I do not use a scale of any kind, and for my reviews I try to remain completely open minded and give each work the true review it deserves, regardless of general critical consensus or opinion. As the title of my blog suggests, I generally focus on reviews, there are a billion other blogs that provide a constant update of news; although if there is something I find extremely relevant I will post it or write an essay.

For film, I avoid even the slightest of spoilers at all costs (unless it’s an older film which I assume more people have seen). Instead of describing the plot in detail, I just attempt to describe the general tone of the film and it’s technical merits. If you enjoy what your reading I’d appreciate any comments and feel free to follow me on Twitter if your into that kind of thing. I frequent NahRight, Digg, Roger Ebert’s blog, First Showing and Aint it Cool under the alias of Rozco.



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